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Awesome tutorials and articles

This year I collected a lot of useful articles and tutorials about technology and productivity and I wanted to share some of my favourites! Many of these are technical tutorials and examples that can serve as a good jumping off point for technical side projects such as learning Git by writing your own Git or creating a COVID-19 classifier using PyTorch.

Technical Tutorials and Examples

FORTRAN in the browser using WebAssembly AKA full-stack FORTRAN

SQL database implemented in TypeScript

Learn Git by creating your own Git using Python

Build a COVID-19 Scan Classifier Using PyTorch

How to make a robotic worm

Visualising gzip compression with Python

Math parser for Python

Writing your own virtual machine

Diving into Go by building a CLI application

Node.js ePaper library

Learn React Hooks by building a Paint app

Building a high performance JSON parser

Deploy machine learning models with Django

Build a desktop computer system from scratch

Create a poet/writer using Deep Learning

Technical Theory

Computer Scientists break the travelling salesperson record

Mathematics resources for the adventurous self-learner

Teach yourself computer science guide 2020

Exceeding GPT-3 performance with 99.9% fewer parameters

Learn how UUIDs are generated

How does SQLite work part 1

Machine Learning 101 (Google engineer)

100 must-read NLP papers

Explaining RNNs without neural networks

Algebra driven design

Detect face-swapped video clips using convolutional long short-term memory

Taming the Tail: Adventures in Improving AI Economics

There's never been an easier time to write your own language

Convolutional Neural Network explainer

Visual guide to React mental models

29 must read books for programmers

SQL murder mystery

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks

Lessons learned building an ML trading system that turned $5k into $200k

Productivity Theory

Essays on programming I think about a lot

How to Write Technical Posts (so people will read them)

Research questions that could have a big social impact, organised by discipline

Work on what matters

Sell yourself, sell your work

The Importance of Deep Work & The 30-Hour Method for Learning a New Skill

Biohacking Lite

Budgeting spreadsheet v3

Zettelkasten note-taking in 10 minutes

Interesting Projects

Using a neural network to create photoreal portraits of Roman Emperors

Lightweight human and face detection library

Drive through cities while listening to local radio

Nyan amateur satellite

How to run a solar powered blog

Attempts to make a font look more handwritten

Classifying 200,000 articles in 7 hours using NLP

Open plants API

Make a website load faster with just in time preloading

Open digital ePaper typewriter

Non-Technical Articles

Practice typing by typing out novels

GNU Typist

Keybr Typing Tutor

Getting started with worldbuilding

50 science fiction stories shorter than novels